Stock Image of Orange Flesh Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes aren’t only sweet. They have tons of health benefits and connoisseurs of sweet potatoes have been preaching the gospel of these benefits. Speculations are, these sweet and starchy root vegetables promote gut health, enhance brain function, have cancer-fighting properties and may support the immune system.

From providing healthy and nutritious rice meals to creating gainful employment — Agro Kings, producers of Nana’s Rice is a force for good around the world. Here are impacts we make when you purchase bags of Nana’s Rice.

Meet Madam Regina, a happy rice farmer

Empower smallholder farmers

Revenue made from the sale of Nana’s Rice is channelled back into the production of rice right here in Ghana. This implies that the more revenue we make from your purchase, the more capital is made available to the farmer to increase the production of our freshly grown local rice. We do not only provide capital for production but also a ready…

Nana’s Chilli Sauces
Nana’s Chilli Sauces
Nana’s Chilli Sauces

Tis Christmas — Our season of love and giving! Even though this year has been a tough one, Agro Kings will like to put a wide smile on your faces with amazing treats this holiday. We present to you 12 Days of Christmas Online Promo which runs from 18th — 29th December, 2020. Every day comes with a special package. We’ve also introduced new and exciting products you will need. Get them while it lasts! Visit to shop now.

Agro Kings

A wholly owned Ghanaian company aimed at empowering smallholder farmers, feeding the future and innovating using technology

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