Nana’s Rice Launches Project Smile

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3 min readAug 3, 2023

Empowering education and responsible consumption with innovative Nana’s Rice package school bags

This August, Nana’s Rice, a leading Ghanaian rice brand, is set to launch “Project Smile” a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative aimed at brightening the lives of underprivileged students in remote regions. This unique initiative aims to provide school bags ingeniously crafted from their rice packages, bringing joy and hope to these deserving children. By transforming their rice packages into school bags, Nana’s Rice aims to supply 500 students with durable and eco-friendly school bags over the next six months. This innovative approach not only promotes responsible consumption but also aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 12, fostering inclusive and equitable quality education and sustainable production practices.

Nana’s Rice School Bags Donated to Kasunya R/C Basic School

With a firm commitment drawn from its parent company, Agro Kings Ltd, renowned for its dedication to sustainable agricultural production and enhancing human lives, Nana’s Rice recognises the importance of education in driving positive change. By empowering education through recycling, they epitomise the spirit of corporate social responsibility that goes beyond mere profit-making.

Project Smile stands as a beacon of hope for children in remote areas, where access to education can be limited. Each rice package turned school bag represents an opportunity for a brighter future, as these students are provided with the necessary tools to access quality education, igniting a flame of knowledge that can lead to lasting change for individuals and communities alike. According to the UNESCO report, nearly 80% of children fail to attain basic literacy and numeracy skills by the completion of primary school, with inconsistent educational delivery nationwide, placing a disproportionate burden on underprivileged and rural public schools. By providing 500 school bags, Nana’s Rice seeks to be a beacon of hope, contributing to the UN’s mission of ensuring inclusive education for all by 2030.

Farm Manager — Operations Presenting a Bag to a Pupil from Nyapienya B/A Basic School

Again, the rice brand’s commitment to responsible consumption is deeply embedded in “Project Smile.” By repurposing their rice packages into functional school bags, the brand champions sustainable practices and minimises waste, contributing to a greener planet. These responsible production efforts echo the urgent need to address global environmental challenges and align with the United Nations Environment Programme’s call for businesses to take the lead in reducing their ecological footprint.

In this effort, Nana’s Rice envisions a world where education and sustainability go hand in hand, creating a legacy of learning and responsible stewardship for generations to come. Angela Barnes, the General Manager of Agro Kings, passionately affirms, “Instead of discarding the bags after use, we choose to repurpose them as bags for the students. With the launch of Project Smile, we warmly invite everyone to join us in this noble endeavour, fostering a community of innovators and collaboratively shaping a brighter world, one smile at a time.”

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