How Eating Sweet Potatoes Improves Your Vision

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2 min readJan 21, 2021
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Sweet potatoes aren’t only sweet. They have tons of health benefits and connoisseurs of sweet potatoes have been preaching the gospel of these benefits. Speculations are, these sweet and starchy root vegetables promote gut health, enhance brain function, have cancer-fighting properties and may support the immune system.

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Nutrients to support healthy vision

Research proves that sweet potatoes are greatly high in beta carotene which are converted into Vitamin A in the body. Also, anthocyanins — antioxidants that may help prevent vision loss and improve eye health — have been found to be equally high in sweet potatoes. Some studies hint that diets high in vitamin A may be associated with a reduced risk of eye impairments including cataract and sweet potatoes especially the orange flesh sweet potatoes are an incredibly good source. Again, in developing countries where vitamin A deficiency is high among children,the consumption of orange flesh sweet potato is strongly encouraged in most basic schools.

Sweet Potato Flour

Daily meals using sweet potatoes

Now, the best way to include a healthy portion of sweet potatoes to your diet and that of your family is by making homemade cakes, pies and baby foods with sweet potato flour. Sweet potatoes can be prepared in several ways and can be enjoyed as potato chips or fries or mashed potatoes. Also, preparing sweet potatoes with some fat has been proven to improve the absorption of beta carotene.

Chichi’s Sweet Potato Fries by Agro Kings

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Written By: Naa Adei Kotey



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