Agro Kings, Producer of Nana’s Rice, to Support Young Persons Interested in Rice Farming in Ghana

Agro Kings
3 min readFeb 24, 2022


Image of a lady in Agro Kings Farm’s rice field

Agro Kings Limited, producer of Nana’s Rice, is a fast-growing company focused on farming, agro-processing, and agri-tech, with the vision to feed the future, empower smallholder farmers and innovate using technology. With the mission to increase the youth’s participation in agriculture, Agro Kings announced an exciting project to equip young persons interested in rice farming in Ghana.

Africa had an annual food import bill of $35 billion with the importation of rice standing at 950,000 tonnes in 2020. The government of Ghana in 2020, announced its plans to ban the importation of rice by 2023. This move is to empower local rice manufacturers to scale through the establishment of a ready market and the elimination of competing products on the market.

The roadmap to reaching self-sufficiency in rice production and food security for Ghana requires strategic actions for youth participation, mechanised farming, flexible financing models, application of sustainable technology and innovation, value addition, and local processing.

Aerial photograph of Agro Kings Farm

Agro Kings is offering to lend a portion of its irrigated land to young persons who are recruited into this scheme to farm at least two acres of farmland. These individuals will be trained by Agro Kings with the best rice farming practices, have access to the farming machinery and tools including tractors, combine harvesters, and other farming equipment. Again, these individuals will also utilise Agro Kings’ irrigation systems, have access to their agronomists and farm managers to support and supervise their farming activities and will receive high-quality rice seedlings provided by Agro kings.

95% of the team at Agro Kings are under 35 years. Agro Kings hopes to open this opportunity to more young persons interested in Agriculture. Nana Owusu Achau, the Managing Director stated: “We believe in carrying the youth along to build a nation that is sustainable for generations to come”. As part of efforts to achieve this, Agro Kings is putting together a program, allowing the youth to learn more about agriculture, supporting them with the capital required to farm at least two acres of rice this year.

Interested persons can call 055 111 2777 sign up here to receive further information about an upcoming info session

In 2020, the company expanded its product portfolio beyond Nana’s Rice to include rice-based breakfast cereal, Ceresoya, and other value-added products — chili spices, sauces, orange-fleshed sweet potato wedges, fries, and balls. The company’s flagship product, Nana’s Rice, is currently in over 100 stores and exported to countries including the USA, Belgium and Germany.

Agro Kings is an innovative enterprise premised on advancing human lives with a focus on farming, value-added agriculture and technology to support global food security.



Agro Kings

Agro Kings is an innovative enterprise premised on advancing human lives with a focus on farming, value addition and technology to support global food security