Agro Kings Donates Bags of Nana’s Rice to Vine Christian High School

Agro Kings
2 min readApr 13, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound negative impact on Ghanaian society. Education in particular suffered; a level of over 700,000 students were out of school for months, as were their teachers.

To address this, Vine Christian High, a leading private Christian school in Ghana organised a free online Cambridge International Education for grades 7 and 8. They also included students in JHS 1 and JHS 2 with the Ghana Education Service model. This free online programme covered major subject areas including Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, English Language, Global Perspectives, ICT, Geography, French & Physics. In addition to this, they designed projects to enable these students to acquire interpersonal skills for high-level collaboration, harnessing digital technology and Christ-centered attitude for global transformation. These lessons were delivered through a virtual classroom, where students interacted with their facilitators and other students in the class.

Students from VCHS

It was impressive to see how, in about 9 months after the country’s lockdown, VCHS was back in operation — running a hybrid system from both home and school. Undeniably, the school thrived on the capacity of its teachers. When Agro Kings learned about how the school’s administration was combining their human resources, technology, funds, and knowledge to positively impact the lives of its students and families at large, we decided to support them by donating a large number of Nana’s Rice bags.

VCHS teachers on the day of donation

Buoyed by our founder’s guiding principles, we are committed to supporting institutions and individuals amidst the various challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic

About Agro Kings

Agro Kings is an innovative enterprise premised on advancing human lives with a focus on farming, value-added agriculture and technology to support global food security. The company’s product portfolio includes products such as Nana’s Rice, Chichi’s Sweet Potatoes, Mama’s Chicken, Nana’s Chilli and Ceresoya. For further information, please visit:

About Vine Christian High School

Vine Christian High School is a Ghanaian private Christian-centered school focused on imparting knowledge through experiential learning. The Vine Christian High School adopts the Cambridge model and combines it with a multidisciplinary core curriculum that develops students into critical thinkers, complex problem solvers, with high ethical standards through a student-led honour system and solving real-world problems through entrepreneurship.

Written By: Naa Adei Kotey



Agro Kings

Agro Kings is an innovative enterprise premised on advancing human lives with a focus on farming, value addition and technology to support global food security