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3 min readDec 22, 2020
Nana’s Chilli Sauces
Nana’s Chilli Sauces

Tis Christmas — Our season of love and giving! Even though this year has been a tough one, Agro Kings will like to put a wide smile on your faces with amazing treats this holiday. We present to you 12 Days of Christmas Online Promo which runs from 18th — 29th December, 2020. Every day comes with a special package. We’ve also introduced new and exciting products you will need. Get them while it lasts! Visit www.agrokings.io/shop to shop now.

12 Days of Christmas Outline

18th — Day 1

Buy one, get one free! Wompɛ wei, na wopɛ dɛn?! #BuyOneGetOneFree #APartridgeInAPearTree

Offers include:

Buy one 5kg long grain and get one chilli pepper powder (small) free

Buy one bundle and get one sweet potato fries (small)

Buy one 5x5 long grain/short grain rice and get 1 shito free

19th — Day 2

1 lucky customer wins double tickets to an upcoming event. #2TurtleDoves

20th — Day 3

Have you met the Trinity? Order your #TrinityBundle (Rice, chicken and shito) today! First 3 customers get an unbeatable 3% discount on the bundle. #ThreeInOne #3FrenchHens

Day 3 — Trinity Bundle

21st — Day 4

Can you hear the #4CallingBirds? Introducing the Too Much Sauce bundle (all 4 sauces). First 4 orders come with one free 1kg long grain rice. #4MoreForNanasRice #4More4You #4MoreToGetMore

22nd — Day 5

5% discount for orders with 5 or more items in cart #5GoldRings

23rd — Day 6

6th order of the day gets a whooping 60% off! #SixIsHere #6GeeseA-Laying. Also 3 random customers get a sweet potato product for free.

24th — Day 7

The 7th day is a day of rest. Enjoy free delivery on all orders! #DayOfRest #AgrokingsSabbath #7SwamsA-Swamming

12 Days of Christmas Outline

25th — Day 8

8 is a new number of new beginnings because Jesus is born! Born of the chosen handmaiden of God! #8MaidsA-Milking. Get an 8% percent discount on all orders with discount code: BRONYA

26th — Day 9

A boxing bout has 12 rounds. Get a 12% discount to knock out hunger this Christmas! Use BOXINGDAY code at checkout. #BoxingDay #9LadiesDancing

27th — Day 10

#10LordsA-Leaping Time for you to leap for joy! #HappyEating 10% discount on purchases above GH¢100

28th — Day 11

#11PipersPiping It’s not too late! You can still enjoy amazing offers at your #11thHour. Use 11THHOUR at checkout for surprise discounts. (will be changing the discounts every 3 hours)

29th — Day 12

#12 DrummersDrumming Get ready for surprise offers and discounts at 12pm! #LastHour

Agro Kings is a Ghanaian owned and operated company, rapidly growing to becoming the preferred rice farm, processor and exporter of rice and other agricultural products in the West African sub-region. Purchase Nana’s Rice at any of our distributor points at Dzworwulu, Adenta, Madina, East Legon, Tema and Trasacco. For this and more, visit www.agrokings.io/shop

Written by Naa Adei Kotey



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